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Hi there! 

I can't believe it has taken me this long to get another blog post out into the world of Harper and Honey! Can you believe how much this little business has grown in the short time we have been around? I'm feeling such an immense sense of gratitude as I type this. From the beginning, my focus has been to bring products and joy to women like me. I struggled finding things in stores that would flatter anyone other than a middle schooler, and that wouldn't bust the budget either. In the past eight months, we have continued to provide quality clothing items and accessories for women of all shapes and sizes. 

If you would've asked me a year ago if Harper and Honey would be my full time "gig" the answer would have been a quick NO. I've always worked a job I physically went to, and doing hair wasn't something I saw myself stopping. It's amazing how quickly God will remind you that you aren't in control! After struggling through some postpartum anxiety, (lets be real mamas, it sucks!) I decided to fully surrender this business to the Lord and began to pray that God lead me into the right path. For as long as I can remember I've known that I was called to do something important in this world. So for years I've been this shape I can't see, trying to find my mold. I've participated in so many wonderful things where I fit for a while, but knowing it wasn't the mold made for me. Do you ever feel like that? If so, I encourage you to keep praying and keep trying to find your calling. 

Finally, I feel it! Actually, I birthed it! There is nothing in this world that I love more than being a wife and a mother. Cup. Runneth. Over. I love making lunches, creating a homestead, meal planning, and creating a healthy environment for our little family. To-do lists happily float around my home, and my Pinterest boards are bursting with ideas of things I aspire to do. But there's more. So much more. In all of those things, I neglected the feeling of "created for more" that I know I am called to be. It took a while to realize I can absolutely be all of those things, and more. Thus, Harper and Honey came along. A place for me to share who I am as a wife and mom, and its mine! I personally shop for every item in my store, I hand fold and pack each delivery, and out it ships to all over the country! Its an absolute blessing to see people I've known forever sharing my "piece" with their friends, and in turn people I don't even know supporting this business. 

Being a military spouse in the working world is almost next to impossible unless you have a specific trade, own a business, or you are able to work remotely. It's no secret that my husband is gone a lot, and that means a lot of times I'm mom and dad. The silver lining in this lifestyle can be summed up into one word, community. Getting involved as a spouse is both rewarding and vital in order to thrive while holding down the fort. Military spouses are a supporting force all their own, and will help out like no other. In addition, there are so many resources and organizations that are put in place for military families. Thanks to an email from our Readiness Coordinator, Lisa, I was able to come in contact with the National Military Family AssociationWith the help of many generous donors worldwide, they are able to grant military spouses with scholarships every quarter! I love a good opportunity, so I sat down and did some research. After scrolling through their website, I realized this was an organization of angels and I needed to apply. Last Wednesday I received a call that I had been selected as the winner for this quarter. I'm honestly not even sure what I said when they told me because I was too busy wiping the exploding tears from my eyes. I have never received any gift like this before. The rest of the day I could barely be productive, I think I called every family member in my phone to tell them what God had done in my life through the National Military Family Association. I just wanted to get in my car and drive to Virginia to personally hug every single one of the women I had spoken with! (and one day I intend to!) 

Owning your own business is hard, and it takes a financial leap of faith to build one from the ground up. There are so many variables and deciding when to take a profit looked like something that was so far in the future for me, I honestly didn't know if I would ever reach it. Receiving this grant from the NMFA has given me the ability to revamp our website, and stock up on office supplies and inventory. More than anything though, it lit a fire inside of me that is unstoppable. They believe in military spouse owned businesses, and they believe in me. I encourage everyone to take a look at their website (military or not) and see what amazing resources they offer for families like mine! They are truly amazing. 

All of that to say, wow- what an amazing ride we have been on and it hasn't even been a year yet! I've prayed for this business, and I've cried for this business, believing it will be something successful for my family. I know that selling clothes is just the platform of the things we are going to do and reach through Harper and Honey. My goal is to inspire you, help you, and to push you to achieve your biggest dreams and goals.

Were in this together Honey,

- Sydney


*Thank you National Military Family Association for reminding me that I CAN do hard things and that hard work does pay off. My family is so grateful for your generosity, for every employee, and every donor. 

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